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Blog / Re: Dumb things pop-culture critics say: Battlefield V & Female Soldiers
« Last post by kat on November 27, 2018, 11:12:22 PM »
They've always know this, it's literally the first law of running a business; "never insult the customer" (or "the customer is always right"). The problem Corporations face now is that they've allowed individuals with ulterior or perhaps being generous, misguided motives and ideologies into positions of power who can redirect resources towards those aims instead of the companies. There are better ways to address the concerns they may have than the intentional misappropriation of resources as they have been doing the past few years - what they're doing isn't the consequence of bad performance, i.e. doing a poor job, it's the result of hijacking resources they have no business doing for personal gain (virtue signalling at the expense of the company).
good points. i wonder how long it will take companies to wake up to this?
Blog / Re: Dumb things pop-culture critics say: Battlefield V & Female Soldiers
« Last post by kat on November 27, 2018, 10:35:55 PM »
The coverage for the game is going to be interesting, MCV for example is trying to brush the sales failure under the rug, excusing it through a later release date than BF1.
To expand a little on the tweet, at what point can a Corporation hold its employees and/or press coverage responsible for such colossal losses in the first week (basically 40% of Battlefield 1's sales). Whilst it would be difficult to challenge the whole 'free speech' excuses the press might be able to exercise in their defense, the willfully negative and ideologically driven bullying coverage should make publishers of all stripes, not just EA-Dice, extremely gun shy of engaging with outlets that use grievance tactics and click-bait to generate headlines to the detriment of the brands they might be covering.
agreed. considering the way long term fans of the series were treated, and the amount of money and time they invested in previous battlefield games, this one deserves to fail financially. games should be made for gamers, not people who despise gaming culture.
Blog / Re: Dumb things pop-culture critics say: Battlefield V & Female Soldiers
« Last post by kat on November 27, 2018, 09:22:13 AM »
The following is not officially verified by EA's own data (will likely have to wait for the next EA financials for that) but according to Eurogamer a UK tracking agency (Chart-Track, who appear to be compiling data on behalf of ukie) are suggesting sales of Battlefield V (physical copies) are down by a significant margin, "fewer than half" in their first release week.

The news obviously begs the question: which aspect of the grievance marketing campaign is responsible for the poor sales numbers for Battlefield V? Calling gamers racists, ableists, misogynists, anti-women bigots? Being told "don't buy the game"? Or just the general disparaging miasma click-hungry, historically revisionist, games press and associates have created over the past few years, eagerly aided and abetted by social media mouth-pieces and cultural critic talking heads bullying anyone in disagreement.

One does have to wonder.

IMVU Content Creating / Re: Reflective furniture - object is not reflected
« Last post by kat on November 26, 2018, 07:49:43 AM »
Watch the following to see how to set up a transparent Material (no texture/no image) in Blender (shown) that can then be exported and converted on import to IMVU (not shown, see above).
IMVU Content Creating / Re: the object is not reflected
« Last post by kat on November 24, 2018, 07:40:13 AM »
Basically, IMVU doesn't use 'true' reflection or reflective surfaces in the sense they might be understood in other games. To get the same effect you have to duplicate the item, invert it (flip it upside-down), and then drop it below the 'floor' surface - your item then comprise two meshes, a 'correct' and the inverted mirrored copy. The effect is then completed with the use of a semi-transparent floor through which the duplicate can be seen.

With this said the visual effect only works in rooms where the author has either made allowance for semi-transparent floor, or the room the item is used in has such a floor - in normal rooms the duplicate will be hidden from view.

Make sure when exporting both meshes are included - using FBX both items can be exported from Blender at the same time, using Cal3D the meshes will need to be joined together.

Basic scene in Blender (in GLSL so Material transparency can be seen) showing a semi-transparent floor between a giftbox that's duplicated and flipped upside-down (Alt+M to Mirror, then » Z) to create the 'reflection' (remember to use Apply and then Flip Direction to fix the mesh appearing inside-out after being flipped upside down).

In IMVU the Blender scene is automatically imported and assembled as three objects (exported as separate objects to the same FBX file from Blender) with three materials, the TRANSPARENT one (shown using IMVU's default 'can't find the image' texture) is important here as it has a 2x2 auto-generated mid-grey image that makes the floor appear semi-transparent based on the grey value.

Incidentally, did you know you can export Material-based transparency to FBX and IMVU will automatically generate the appropriate grey-scale image it needs to make the resulting material in IMVU match the value used in Blender? Make sure to set up the scene and objects as instructed here for this to work properly.
IMVU Content Creating / Reflective furniture - object is not reflected
« Last post by appolon2 on November 23, 2018, 03:51:25 PM »

In the first photo the object is reflected on the floor
When I uploaded on imvu the object is not reflected

[EDIT] just edited to add images, cleaned title a little. kat
Video Channel / [IMVU] Make a Witches Traffic Cone Broomstick in Blender (LIVE!)
« Last post by kat on November 02, 2018, 09:39:18 PM »

Not all witches have brooms, those working the roads have ride-able Traffic Cone Rockets! In this video series of live Twitch broadcasts (may include off-topic chat) we make the basic item in Blender, a traffic cone shaped witches broomstick object from basic shapes and some simple editing (extrude, scale etc.).

We also make an image to assign to the object using a special technique that keeps the image simple but allows for higher quality results - this is added to a material that's assigned to all the meshes in Blender.

We also do some very basic UV mapping to assign the image, some of which is quick and dirty and not normally recommended, it's bad technique but it gets the job done for objects like this (UV's can be edited later). Once the basic mesh is built a seat is added and pose created using the mesh as a guide (Appended). Finally everything is exported, furniture and pose, before assembly in IMVU.

Source *.blend file & *.fbx.
Product - 44337988

Part 1: making the mesh, UV unwrapping and adding a texture.

Part 2: recap and going back over the basic process of making the witches traffic cone broomstick.

Part 3: setting up the furniture item for animation and creating a simple animation.

Part 4: exporting and setting up the animation in IMVU Create.

Part 5: finishing up the animation and readying for Pose addition.

Part 6: adding seating, export and assembly in IMVU.
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