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[SketchUp] can I export models for use in Quake

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Q: Is it possible to export models from SketchUp (free version) to use in Quake or other games?

A: Unfortunately it's not possible to export SketchUp models or files DIRECTLY for use in idtech or other games, UNLESS they support *.obj or *.dae formatted models. SketchUp (free) has limited export abilities out-of-the-box.

Having said that however, it is possible by converting SketchUp models to a suitable format, for example SketchUp meshes imported into Blender (or other 3D application), models can be prepping relative to their intended use in Quake (idtech) based games, i.e., for Quake/idtech 3 or above that will be as an *.ase model. See the tutorials page for more info on doing this.
Important: models made with SketchUp Free are subject to NON-COMMERCIAL use license restrictions so the software cannot be used to make content for games without purchasing the full version of the application where the resulting content or game is to be sold (or remunerated in some way). Importing content into a third-party application for 'conversion' should not be considered a work-around to this restriction.