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InsaneBump.py, normal map generator for GIMP (+video)

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I've not extensively tested InsaneBump beyond trying to get the plugin to work with GIMP but from what I've seen the results are closer to CrazyBump than normalmap.exe (which tends to be very 'flat').

To get this to work for WINDOWS users first save the text from this page as a *.txt file then RENAME that to *.exe; so copy/paste or save as from your browser to; "insanebump.txt". Then in Windows Explorer (or depending upon where the file was saved, Desktop perhaps), rename the file; "insanebump.exe". Drop this new *.exe file into "C:\Program Files\GIMP 2.8\lib\gimp\2.0\plug-ins". Once done run GIMP, paint your grey-scale image (avoid using photos as explained here and crucially here) and then apply the tool from "Filters > Map > Insane...".

Notes about usage
  • Currently there is no preview windows so results are based very much on trail and error.
  • Depending on settings, several iterations with varying normalised values are automatically saved to source file image directory.
  • Final result may be a question of further blending/merging of individual maps to achieve the desired level of normalisation.

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Thanks very much for the video Kat, was really helpful for my project.