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[IMVU] Making a Hair Accessory with Blender (2.79 or older)

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The following video explains the process of using the avatar 'head template' to make a simply 'bob' style hair accessory item for IMVU. The process is discussed from start to finish, including a number of hints & tips to help avoid issues when making hair generally.

The above video is compatible with Blender 2.79 or below. For newer versions see here IMVU 208 – Hair (clothing)

Useful Shortcuts
The following shortcuts are used throughout the tutorial.
  • Alt+P = Unparent selected
  • Ctrl+P = Parent selected
  • Ctrl+T = Tesselate (triangulate selected)
  • U = Unwrap
  • Shift+A = Add object
  • Ctrl+A = Apply
Additional Resources
The following links and materials, whilst not required, may prove useful.