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[IMVU] Ribbon and Bow Tie Accessory in Blender

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Description: For the first day of Creatormas 2019 my true love brought to me... a bow and bow tie!. Making a simple bow from the default cube primitive in Blender; meshing, UV mapping and applying materials, appending the result in the Accessory Starter File. For newer versions of Blender (2.8 and above).

Duration: c. 1 hr 40 mins (1:40:00).
Source Files: Creatormas 2019 - Ep 1 (Bow Tie) | c. 700KB (*.blend, *.png).

Recorded live from Twitch so may include off-topic chat and comments.

Twitch Alternatives
 - https://www.twitch.tv/videos/520888719