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[IMVU] Frankenstein Bolts & Witches Nose in Blender

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Description: Making some more IMVU monster accessory item for the head using Blender - Frankenstein's neck bolts and a Witches emergency twig/stick nose!. Using the Accessory Starter File for newer versions of Blender (2.8 and above), the bolts and nose are built from simple mesh primitives and basic editing. The meshes are then given a basic node-based material and UV mapped before export to FBX and assembly in IMVU as an Accessory item (Recorded live so may include off-topic chat and comments).

Suitability: Beginners

Duration: c. 1 hr 20 mins (1:20:00).

Source Files:
 - Frankenstein's Neck Bolts | c. 600 kb (*.blend).
 - Witches Nose | c. 1.5 MB (*.blend).