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[IMVU] Make jewelry earring accessory (Beginner Friendly)

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In the video below recorded live on Twitch, jazzKat walks through the process of making a very simple jewellery (jewelry) bauble earring accessory from basic shapes in Blender (UV sphere, cylinder and a torus) that's textured, positioned and then exported to FBX for import and assembly in IMVU. Recorded live on Twitch (may include off topic comments and conversation).

Suitability: Beginner Friendly.
Source Files: Jewelry Earring | c. 600 kb (*.blend, *.png).

Steps summary
- Delete default cube so no materials are available (optional)*.
- Add UV Sphere, Cylinder & Torus (reduce density as added).
- Shape, scale and position meshes.
- Add Materials (plus Textures & pre-made images).
- Assign images to object using pre-generated UV maps.
- Join objects together.
- Append to Accessory Starter File and position.
- Assign Vertex Group and Parent to 'Head' Armature.
- Export - File » Export » FBX (.fbx).
- Import and assemble.

Twitch Alternatives
 - https://www.twitch.tv/videos/353941047