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[IMVU] Witches Traffic Cone Broomstick (animated) in Blender

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Not all witches have brooms, those working the roads have ride-able Traffic Cone Rockets! In this video series of live Twitch broadcasts (may include off-topic chat) we make the basic item in Blender, a traffic cone shaped witches broomstick object from basic shapes and some simple editing (extrude, scale etc.).

We also make an image to assign to the object using a special technique that keeps the image simple but allows for higher quality results - this is added to a material that's assigned to all the meshes in Blender.

We also do some very basic UV mapping to assign the image, some of which is quick and dirty and not normally recommended, it's bad technique but it gets the job done for objects like this (UV's can be edited later). Once the basic mesh is built a seat is added and pose created using the mesh as a guide (Appended). Finally everything is exported, furniture and pose, before assembly in IMVU.

 - Part 1: making the mesh, UV unwrapping and adding a texture.
 - Part 2: recap and going back over the basic process of making the witches traffic cone broomstick.
 - Part 3: setting up the furniture item for animation and creating a simple animation.
 - Part 4: exporting and setting up the animation in IMVU Create.
 - Part 5: finishing up the animation and readying for Pose addition.
 - Part 6: adding seating, export and assembly in IMVU.

Source & Example Files:
 - Product - 44337988.
 - Witches Traffic Cone Broomstick | c. 2.5 MB (*.blend, *.fbx).