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Author Topic: Make ASE models from brush volumes (map)  (Read 2211 times)

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Make ASE models from brush volumes (map)
« on: December 13, 2015, 09:04:04 PM »

How to make an ASE model from brush volumes

Sometimes manipulating brush models ('models' being a collection of brushes grouped together) cause major problems when they need to be rotated. To fix this these types of object can be compiled as *.bsp files that can be converted using Q3Map2 using Q3Map2 Toolz interface, or from the command line (CMD prompt or a *.bat file).

The process is relatively simple;
1) ensure the object is fully textured relative to it's eventual use (this including caulking all non-visible surfaces).
2) drop an info_player_start entity into Radiant.
3) surround all the objects in a caulk-hull.
4) compile to *.bsp using "BSP -meta".
5) in Q3Map2Toolz select "convert" and type "ase" in the input field (Q3Map2Toolz is available here).
6) click "Run BSP".

File will be written to a default "maps" folder from whence it can be moved to "mapobject" before being loaded without any additional editing - so long as the mesh is set up correctly it will be UV mapped and textured meaning it can be used immediately.


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