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Author Topic: [Windows] kErrorShell_NotifyIconNIM_ADD error on Start-up  (Read 4209 times)

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[Windows] kErrorShell_NotifyIconNIM_ADD error on Start-up
« on: July 11, 2015, 09:27:51 PM »
When booting up and logging in to Windows Desktop the "kErrorShell_NotifyIconNIM_ADD" error message appears. The likely culprit for the "kErrorShell_NotifyIconNIM_ADD" error is the presence of a USB powered M-Audio device being attached to the computer or laptop, the M-Audio Fast Track Pro USB for example. When Windows loads the device fails to properly initialise one or more of the essential components needed to run the hardware resulting in the error.

As the problem is related to the M-Audios external audio interface hardware, to fix the problem read the following solution for the "TBIA expired" Windows error.


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