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Author Topic: [closed] Professional Product Renderings needed.  (Read 5846 times)

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[closed] Professional Product Renderings needed.
« on: September 16, 2010, 10:06:09 AM »

We have a customer that needs rendered pictures of a morgue cooler (yes, this is a serious request).

The product is AutoCAD Format (DXF/DWG). They are files of 4 morgue coolers with a variable number of bodies.

For every possible "feature" for the cooler a render is needed, with various numbers of bodies.

For those interested, we can send a model picture (DXF, DWG, or construction plan as PDF). Before we can send them, though, we need a serious and competent application, as these are industrial products. Experience, reference preferred.

If possible, a 360 degree representation in Acrobat-3D or other standard plugin software would be needed.

More details with interest.

please mail to Dennis or Patrick, Email: blender(at)1601(dott).com


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