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[IMVU] Neck Scarf Clothing in Blender 2.8+
« on: December 21, 2019, 04:38:01 PM »

Description: For the Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Day of Creatormas 2019 my true love brought to me... a thick Woolly Neck-Scarf... maybe with a bow!. Using the default cube primitive in Blender 2.8+ the basic shape is blocked out, the first attempted being deleted, after the Woolly Beanie is appended into the Clothing Starter File!. Lots of meshing and UV editing tips. In Part II the mesh is corrected and finalised, given a material and UV mapped before then making a start on weight painting to the avatar Armature. In Part III the mesh is finished up, more shaping, re-unwrapping the UVs, finalising the weight painting before an export to FBX and assembly as a derived clothing item - tips on ensuring items does override underlying items.

 - Part I c. 1 hr 30 mins (1:30:00).
 - Part II c. 1 hr 30 mins (1:30:00).
 - Part III c 1 he 30 mins (1:30:00).

Source Files:
 - Creatormas 2019 - Ep 9 (Scarf) | c. 700 KB (*.blend, *.png).
 - Creatormas 2019 - Ep 10 (Scarf) | c. 700 KB (*.blend, *.png).
 - Creatormas 2019 - Ep 11 (Scarf) | c. 800 KB (*.blend, *.png).

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