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Author Topic: Make a Medieval Chair in 7 steps (beginner)  (Read 3672 times)

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Make a Medieval Chair in 7 steps (beginner)
« on: June 15, 2016, 03:53:03 PM »

How to Make a simple Medieval style high-back chair in 7 steps in Blender[/url] - suitable for beginner with basic understanding of Blender (how to move, select etc.). Duration: c.10 minutes, narrated

Accompanies "How to Make a Simple Medieval Chair in 7 Steps"

Learn how to make a simple Medieval style high-back chair in Blender. Breaking the process down into seven core steps, the default Scene cube object is shown edited and modified using a number common tools and techniques that will help the Reader understand the basics of making custom content for games.

Chapter list
Times are approximate
  • 01:00 - blocking out basic shape
  • 01:30 - shaping the back leg
  • 02:20 - adding the front legs
  • 03:40 - marking Seams for UV Unwrapping
  • 06:00 - creating an Image
  • 06:30 - mapping UV's to Image
  • 07:00 - editing/adjusting UV map
  • 08:00 - Material set-up & assignment
  • 09:30 - final adjustments to shape


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