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Author Topic: GLsetup on Windows XP  (Read 8964 times)

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GLsetup on Windows XP
« on: December 15, 2009, 06:19:15 AM »
There shouldn't, in theory, be any need to run glsetup.exe on Windows XP computers unless you have a very old graphics card in place or are trying to install an older game from around 2000. Most modern cards have full driver support for OpenGL, certainly complete enough to run computer games. So if installing a game that gives the option to add GLSetup it's likely an older game (Quake 3/ Unreal Tournament era) that should run quite well on Windows XP anyway - putting aside compatibility issues requiring the game then needing to be run in "Compatibility Mode".

See also the article on GLSetup here
Also where you can download it if needed


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