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Twitch "People who can stream to your channel"

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When two or more Users need to stream content to the same Twitch account the way to do this safely is to use the Permissions feature "People who can stream to your channel" rather than sharing the Primary Stream Key and/or account information to 'authorised' parties. Notwithstanding general security issues, using the "People who can stream to your channel" option makes account sharing redundant.

Note: People who can stream to your channel does not grant general account access, it only permits direct streaming. To manage an account check the various 'moderating' or 'editorial' setting or options.

Streaming Invite

To set up another person to stream; in the Creator Dashboard click Settings and then Stream. Scroll down the page to the Permissions section. Here, mouse over the "People who can stream to your channel" area to highlight then click. This displays the People who can stream to your channel panel (when doing this Twitch highlights the Channel menu option).

In Twitch Creator Dashboard access the Stream options under Settings

In the Enter an email address input field type the email address of someone who to be granted access to direct streaming and click Send Invite. Twitch will send an invite with a unique stream key (invited emails are then listed below the input box).

Scroll down to Permissions and click People who can stream to your channel option to send an invite (and to list/manage access).

Accepting Invite

On receiving the invite the unique stream key then needs to be copy/pasted into the stream settings of the app used to livecast to Twitch. How this is done differs depending on the app and the way account access is actioned, for example, in OBS Studio the stream key is dropped into the Stream options under Settings alongside the ingest URL rtmp://live.twitch.tv/app/;

Service - Custom...
Server - rtmp://live.twitch.tv/app/
Stream Key - [key from email invite]

Note: in OBS Studio the Service parameter must to be set to Custom... else Twitch login details will be requested - OBS assumes the User is streaming to an account they own or have access to. To stream to another account without login details (recommended action) OBS must be forced to stream directly to the default ingest for Twitch, which then correctly routes the incoming data where it needs to be.

Once done, upon going live, streamed data will be sent to the Channel associated with the invite, further being managed by whomever has account or editorial access.

The email invite sent from Twitch will include a unique stream ID associated with the account

In the streaming app of choice the unique key sent from Twitch needs to be dropped in place - where this is done may differ app to app