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VideoStudio Poor Snapshot and Preview Quality

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Poor video quality in VideoStudio

When editing a project and video is paused in Corel VideoStudio, the playback Preview screen/area displays blurry, pixelated or otherwise poor quality video still images (video Snapshot quality is also affected - "Edit » Take a Snapshot"). Original or source clips don't appear to be affected by the problem, typically displaying clear of any of the pixelation or poor quality visual artifacts when paused or played (subject to project settings).

Assuming there are no other issues related to hardware (drivers etc.), poor quality video in VideoStudio's preview screen is typically the result of using the applications "Smart Proxy"  feature ("Settings » Smart Proxy Manager » Enable Smart Proxy" or "Settings » Preferences » Performance") which reduces project quality to speed up the editing process - to save resources and memory when working with larger HD video files, with "Smart Proxy" enabled, VideoStudio creates low resolution, low quality 'proxy' files to aid the process. When enabled this results in the 'poor quality' video images seen in the Preview screen.
Smart Proxy creates lower resolution working copies of larger source files. These smaller files are called “proxy” files. Using proxy files speeds up editing of high resolution projects (for example, projects that have HDV and AVCHD source files). [VSPx9 manual - pg.59]

To address the problem Smart Proxy needs to be disabled forcing VideoStudio to process and utilise clips as raw and uncompressed as possible. Once Smart Proxy is disabled Snapshots, images taken of a clip as a still image, also clear up reflecting the original quality of source and/or as determined in "Settings » Project Properties".