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[Blender] opening 3DS Max *.max files (max2blend)

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Biped posed in Max

Game development often means multiple people working on the same files using different applications. This presents an issue when others need to edit a file they don't have the software to do, 3DS Max and their proprietary *.max format being a typical case in point; how can *.max files be opened in Blender.

Unfortunately they can't because the *.max format is proprietary to 3DS Max, only that application can open the file. Also of issue would be the fact that Max's native format is essentially a working format, its file-dump much like Blenders *.blend - everything in an active Scene is dumped into the file when its saved so it contains a lot of destructive UI and other application specific functionality records (modifier stack info etc.) that have no meaning outside the application. Because of this its unlikely there will ever be an official max2blend import/export script.

With that said however, it is possible to open content made with 3DS Max in Blender by exporting it to a suitable format Blender understands; *.obj or *.ase specifically for mesh data for example; *.fbx, *.dae or even *.md5 for animated elements (rigs and sequences). Although for Gmax, which is essentially Max v4 stripped of 'pro' features, the following provides some instruction on exporting content from Max for use in other applications.