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I got this message while i was loading up my map "MAX_SUBMODELS exceeded" can u help me plz! [darkalan]

Believe it or not, the error is more related to entities, not models. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you're limited to 255 brush entities. If you exceed that amount, you'll get the 'MAX_SUBMODLES exceeded' error. Keep in mind that you can make ONE brush entity out of SEVERAL brushes, and it only counts as one. [Grand Nagus]

[Addendum] The Q3Map and Q3Map2 compilers considers both models AND those made from brush-based Entities as valid game entities so the "Max_Submodels Exceeded" error can occur when the total entity count (allowance) is exceeded; although it's more likely to occur when using brush-based entities because they are much easier to construct, use and proliferate around a level. Where possible combine brush-based entities together per location, e.g. group a series of "func_static" entities together if they're in the same room. Or join models together for re-export as a larger entity, e.g. a set of lamp models belonging to a single room could be joined, reducing the number of entities whilst controlling the models visibility (only visible when the player in that given room/area). [kat]