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Organising frequently used shaders

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If you're finding that having a good number of shaders in the materials files for the games you edit are getting the better of you because of having to constantly scroll up and down a sometimes very long page, then try the following tip.

At the very top of the file add a section into which you copy the most frequently used shader references, making sure they're commented out so the don't break the scripts below. Doing this will allow you to do a simply copy/paste of these items without trying to track a reference further down the file.

If you're doing a lot of work with models, ASE for example, all you need to is copy from "//q4base...." to the end of each line into the *BITMAP ref of the ASE and your done.

Code: [Select]

//paths used for ASE map objects




//q4base/textures/kat_q4dm2/floor_v1 //path to add to models



[shaders would continue below]