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Switching to 3rd Person Perspective & other commands

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The following commands can be used to do various things whilst in the 3rd person perspective mode in Doom 3 powered games; they can be enabled 'per session' via the in game console or by 'perma-marking' them in an NPC or Player characters *.def file.
  • pm_thirdperson 1
    0/1 toggles third person perspective off/on.
  • pm_thirdpersonrange 80
    distance between camera and NPC/Player; 80+ will allow the camera to view most of the characters body.
  • pm_thirdpersonangle 0
    position of camera relative to player '0' is directly behind the NPC/Player, '180' is directly in front looking back at the NPC/Player.
  • pm_thirdpersonheight 55
    Height angle of camera relative to horizontal - for better camera positional control use 'normalheight'.
  • pm_normalheight 74
    Height of character relative to ground standing upright.
  • pm_normalviewheight 68
    Sets the height of camera from the ground to the approximate eye level of NPC/Player characters, i.e. camera is looking at the world from the characters eye level point of view.
  • pm_deadheight 20
    Height of character relative to the ground on (ragdoll) death.
  • pm_deadviewheight 10
    Camera distance from the ground when NPC/Player is 'dead', i.e. lying flat on the ground.
Design note: if using the parameters in a *.def file, the commands and values need to be encased in quotation marks ("). Most commands have a 'maximum' value of input after which nothing will happen, or in worst case scenarios, will crash the game.