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Workshop FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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Q: How do I join a Workshop?
A: You first need an account on the forums; as the Workshops are facilitated on the boards, access can only be granted or subscribed to with a verified user account. As part of this a valid and active email address is required for proper functioning of your subscriptions - using a temporary, throw-away or made up address will likely mean not being able to complete subscription/s, prevented access to Workshop/s until this is resolved.

Q: Does it cost to join?
A: It largely depends on the Workshop however, efforts are being made to ensure provision of both free (no cost) and paid subscription based Workshops and associated materials (project files etc.) to users depending on level-of-interest and skill. In essence however, once a User Account has been created, from your Control Panel (see below), details are provided outlining available Workshops and, where applicable, any associated low monthly subscriptions costs.

Q: How do I actually join a Workshop?
A: Access is either requested (and approved) for free Workshops, or subscribed to through payment (currently securely processed through PayPal). In both instances this happens from your user "Profile" as follows;
  • To request access to a "Membergroup"; log in to KatsBits forums as normal then click "Profile" at the top of the page. Once there, mouse over "Modify Profile", then click "Group Membership" - a list of available Workshop Groups will display. For the group you want to join click "Request Membership" then on the following page type your message, or reference a quote where necessary, and send the request (to join the IMVU Workshops for example, quoting your IMVU Username helps speed up the approval process). Once approved the group will then appear under "Current Membergroups" and access will be granted
  • To join a "Paid Subscription" based Workshop; simply log in to KatsBits forums as normal and click "Profile" at the top of the page. Once there, mouse over "Actions" and click "Paid Subscriptions". A list will appear showing both the available subscriptions and their individual subscription status (whether a workshops has been subscribed to or not). To join, simply then select the subscription of interest and follow the on-screen instructions, provide the appropriate payment details required for PayPal to complete your order (a valid email and Credit/Debit Card will be needed for completion - please note that subscriptions are generally paid monthly and are non-refundable due to the nature of the products).
Q: What do I get access to?
A: It generally depends based on the Workshop, ostensibly though that typically might include exclusive access to both free and paid project specific source materials (usually includes *.blend files and associated texture assets and not available elsewhere on KatsBits.com), video instruction of varying length and priority Q&A (Questions & Answers) forum support.

Q: I'm having trouble joining, what do I do?
A: If you've got as far as creating an account and can access KatsBits forum as a general member, click "My Messages" at the top of the page and send "kat" a PM (person/private message) with an outline of the problem encountered. Alternatively, send an email to "workshops@katsbits.com" similarly outlining the issue encountered - depending on the problem and solution required, a solution should be suggested within 24/48hrs (please ensure the use of a valid email address on your account and/or when contacting via email otherwise replies, although sent, may not be received).

Q: Can I get private/1 to 1 teaching?
A: In a word, "yes". However, you will need to get in touch with details on what you would like to do or learn as this determines the cost which can be charged per session or per hour. Base-rates are generally charged by the hour but are negotiable. For more details send a brief outline of your requirements to "workshops@katsbits.com" or send a PM via the forums messaging system.

Q: Can I upload the files as my own products?
A: In a word, "no". The general purpose of the materials associated with Workshops is to provide members a comparative baseline to which progress can be checked. Within that context files can be uploaded to IMVU's catalogue to facilitate learning how the complete process works. It is not intended however, nor should this ability be interpreted to mean, that license or permission is being granted for general product creation as if the material had been purchased for that purpose.

Q: Can I share the files available in Workshops with other people?
A: Generally speaking it's preferable that sharing of publicly available files (files available on areas of the site open to non-member access such as the "Tools" or "Downloads" pages) be done by linking interested parties to the source location so they know where the files came from and where they can get support if needed. Files and/or Materials exclusive to a Workshop/the Workshops, or that require payment before receipt, should not be shared - it is preferable that others be encouraged to join the Workshop they're interested in/to which the files belong, so a supportive environment is available to them as they learn.

Q: Some files link to the store. Do I have to buy those?
A: In a word, "no", they're optional (as are all other files). The materials made available for Workshop use are provided largely for comparative benefit so Workshop participants can see how they are doing as they are doing it - being able to inspect source materials helps some people understand the context of the manufacturing/meshing process whilst others are fine, so they are not configured to be required.