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[zynga] Words with Friends "Login Failed" error

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Log in error using the App versions of Words with Friends et-al (does not appear to affect Facebook or web based versions of the games)

When trying to log into the App version of "Words with Friends" the "Login failed" error message appears. Error may also affect "Hanging with Friends" and other installed "...with Friends" games due to the way a single account is used as the access point for all Zynga games on an iPod, iPad, iPhone, Android device. This can cause additional issue whereby the help menu is not available/does not load, because the account being accessed is not logged in to so there is no immediate or apparent way to start the retrieval or login bypass process.

The problem generally appears to be caused by a corrupt file in iTunes, the device or through the Apps installation.

The following may provide a solution for this persistent error;
  • Remove the applications from the device (iPod).
  • Shut down the device.
  • Delete the apps from iTunes or marketplace App and make sure they are removed to the recycle bin.
  • Close iTunes or Marketplace App.
  • Upon re-opening iTunes/MarketPlace, from the Store re-download the App.
  • Plug in the device.
  • Go to device manager and drop the Apps back in to place. Apply and/or Sync to install.
  • Once installed, eject device and turn it off (DO NOT reboot or 'soft-start' the device, it MUST be switched off completely).
  • After a few moments, restart the device.
  • Start the App - this should present the Log in screen.
  • Log in.