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[closed] Engineers for Leap Motion (Gesture Control w/Submillimeter Accuracy)

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Leap Motion recently announced the world’s most accurate 3D gesture control. With .01 millimeter sensitivity and ten-finger tracking, the Leap is years ahead of its time, and will fundamentally change how humans interact with computers. Watch our one-minute demo video and decide for yourself: www.LeapMotion.com.

Since our launch, our video has had over 6 million views, we’ve been featured in well over 500 news publications, and we've had overwhelming interest from consumers pre-ordering our device and developers applying for our SDK. We are also collaborating with top-tier manufacturers who are planning to integrate our technology into millions of laptops, monitors, TVs, gaming consoles, tablets, phones, cars, robots, appliances, simulators, and much more.

We are developing a robust and easy-to-use SDK that will enable developers to build a wide variety of applications including 3D design, robotics, games, medical devices, bio imaging, education, art/music creation/presentation, just to name a few. This technology has the potential to disrupt all facets of technology and have dramatic world impact.


Currently we are hiring talented Engineers, Scientists and Designers who are passionate problem-solvers to help us tackle challenges in Computer Vision, Applied Math, Physics, Algorithms, Graphics, UX Design, Gesture Control, Machine Learning, Hardware Design, Driver Development, Photonics, and much more. We like people who think unconventionally and creatively, finding elegant solutions to problems that are yet unsolved.

We want people who share our passion for the Leap technology and the future that it will enable. You will be part of the core team that brings forward a world of innovation.


Software Engineers with C or C++ experience (strong math & loves solving puzzles a huge plus)
Applied Math/Physics Scientists
Computer Vision Engineers (real-time image segmentation and signal processing)
API Developers
Driver / Embedded Developers
Mechanical Engineers
Hardware Engineers
UX Designers (3D experience preferred)


We are a group of engineers, scientists, and designers committed to tangibly changing the world by solving problems others think are impossible. Every person at Leap Motion has the ability to make a huge impact on the outcome of our technology and product from day one.


• Competitive compensation, great benefits, and generous equity
• Opportunity to work with the Leap, and insight into how it works!
• As many Leap devices as you’d like to Integrate into your life!
• Collaborate with fun, friendly, talented people with diverse backgrounds
• Any computer setup and work station you want
• Flexible work hours - we care about life-work balance
• Snacks and drinks stocked according to requests
• Spacious office in SoMa, San Francisco, near Caltrain and BART stations
• Health plan including medical, dental, and vision

If what we've described excites you, and if you have what it takes, please get in touch.


Please send your resume and cover letter to alin@leapmotion.com.

(Please note, we are located in San Francisco, CA and can only take applicants from U.S and Canada at this time)

In the cover letter, please list in bullet point form a summary of your background please include: describe any relevant projects you've worked on, when you started programming, what programming languages you have experience with, how proficient you are in C/C++ and as a bonus, summarize your favorite math theorem.

We'd love to see what interests you and what problems you'd like to tackle at Leap Motion. Most importantly, tell us what makes you unique and why you'll make a vital member of our team.

Come join us and let’s make history together!