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[closed] Python script Blender Game Engine Kinect controller

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We are looking for a skilled Python programmer to help us get the Kinect into the blender game engine for our project. The ROM below is a framework and we are open to suggestions from either the applicants or the community on what is possible given the project time frame.

Technical ROM for Kinect Object / Gesture Interaction
in Blender 2.58

Objective: To allow a Blender Game Engine (BGE) 2.58 runtime to utilize the Kinect as a gesture input device to control a BGE object(s) in real time on all three axis.

Project Bidding info
-We will contact interested programmers within 24 hours
-All bids will be considered for continuing work in this project and others.
-Send bids to vizitechusa@gmail.com
-Email subject should be "Kinect Bid"

Delivery date: 09/05/11 5pm EDT
-Deliverable will be all code and releases to use the product in a commercial application.
-Payment made in USD$

System requirements: Windows 7 64bit

Required base interactive gesture positions:
-Release / native state: Open hand
-Grab: Index and middle finger touching thumb. Ring and pinky closed.
-Point (finger): Closed fist with extended index finger
-Object Recognition: Must recognize a 36 inch physical pole (like a sawed off broom stick)

Required scene navigation gestures:
-Identify Player (person): Use industry standard position OR use left upper arm horizontal, forearm vertical, open hand, palm facing kinect, fingers and thumb together.
-This will be a specific point in space, so all movement can default from here.
-Head Position tracked as box in BGE scene. Head will always stay with body. This will control the scene camera.
-Walk forward: object +y axis movement
-Walk back: object -y axis movement
-Walk left: object -x axis movement
-Walk right: object +x axis movement

Additional Information:
-The code will be used for a commercial application and appropriate release required.
-The contract will allow up to 3 revisions of code for refinement at no additional cost.

Offline VizitechUSA

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We extended the time frame of the project if anyone would be interested in more time.  In addition, we are not completely attached to the specifics of the ROM and are open to suggestions from interested parties and the community at large in adjusting our scope.

Best Regards!

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good luck with this project, sounds cool to me, and i would of offered to help but i'm not a coder. please keep us updated if you get blender and kinect working together.

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@ the OP: have you had a look at the some of the following (search "kinect" on BlenderNation)? There appear to be a number of people working on Kinect device implimentation that it might be worth getting in touch with.