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Read anything on the subject of developing games for 'mobile', 'web' or non PC based hardware and it won't come as too much of a surprise to find the terms "casual gamer" and "casual games" constantly thrown about the page as a universal means to describe the type of games people play, the type of gamer that person is and by proxy the type of studio that's developed said-same.

They don't mean any of those things of course. It's a piece of deliberately conceived marketing publishers use that trivialises a market space they're either not in or don't control. It's an insult, meant in the nicest possible way naturally, but an insult non-the-less. It doesn't even imply that a person or studio takes what they do seriously, it outright tells you that you don't. After all it's not as if gamers generally either dedicate lots or little time, effort and energy to their favourite forms of entertainment, that development studios don't have the same type of sleepless nights and blood sweating experiences 'grown-up' studios have in order to get their games into Apples AppStore, Googles MarketPlace or the myriad other virtual shops on the net.

If Press meant "mobile" then say "mobile"; "causal" means gamers play games infrequently, something that is wholly platform UN-specific. Got it?