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[closed] Artist for defining photo-realistic materials in Blender

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Very small startup looking for someone that can help with defining photo-realistic materials in Blender to be used with cloth.
- texture photo (available on demand)
- sample photo (available on demand)

The result we are looking for is a blender material that would deliver comparable render results in something like BMPS (http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=151903&page=1) or any similar scene that can demo the material.
The texture photo is expected to be used as is (Photoshopping etc., gamma 2.2 correction is a reasonable exception).
The material is expected to produce photo-realistic results as well, if the texture photo is replaced with one of a similar material but with a different print.

The resulting product would be exclusively owned by our company(i.e. no sharing)
Compensation is negotiable (we would consider any reasonable offer). More than anything we are looking for somebody who can work independently and reasonably fast.
The project can be staged in individual small steps that can be signed off, delivered and payed off individually.
Potential for future collaborations: we have a number of small blender projects and it would be great to find somebody who can help on ongoing basis.
We can provide more information off line at TL3Dartist@gmail.com