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Hi kat i signed up for ur site when i saw u saying price and no work!!!

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lol perhaps the key is having models in good stuff, maybe if ur low on work make some or a little video resume or something....

although i see lots of coders on gamedev with no modelers, lol i was just loadin garry's mod (steam sale! $2.50 ;p) and noticed i was gettin a bunca free 3d models! :P but not really lol kinda sketchy some of those

be nice if maybe in ur down time u put a ton online for maybe 'free download' and put your name on them you still own them if they show up in mw3. also the low-rez ones in popular styles perhaps, and maybe attact some coders....or lower your rates and try and get good lookin models in hot sellin titles

[EDIT] moved to 'PD' as it's not really related to content creation. Cheers. >kat<

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Thanks for posting. You're referring to the article "How much should *I* charge for freelance 3D work" and "How and where to look to find freelance 3D jobs or work", right? They weren't written from my point of view but from yours. When you want to find some information you ask the question in the *first person* - "How do I...", "I'm not sure...", "I am looking for...", "I want to...". So the title and article is written with that in mind.

KatsBits already has quite a few models and map source files available in the Downloads section of the site, pretty much for free - in fact quite a lot of it has ended up being used in mods and/or used as part of the initial phases for indie game projects - 'Bob' in particular is popular for that because of the MD5 formatting. That is what it's there for really, to encourage others to get creative rather than make money for the site (there are other ways and means of doing which don't hamstring the overall principle of encouraging creativity).

I would encourage anyone looking for artists to post in either the "paid" or "unpaid" job boards here at http://jobs.katsbits.com ;)

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