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Disable MacBook AutoBoot On Lid Opening

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WARNING: disabling/enabling lid autoboot only works for Intel based MacBook Air/MacBook Pro's, performing the below may disable Arm 'M' based devices, preventing them from booting altogether.

To disable MacOS Autoboot feature when the lid of a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro is opened, do the following;

From the Dock click LaunchPad then Other. Here, click Terminal (alternatively open Finder and browse to the Terminal in /Applications/Utilities/).

In the Terminal, and at the % prompt, type (note the number is zero, zero not 'oh oh');
  • sudo nvram AutoBoot=%00
Press Return/Enter to complete. Confirm account access in the User popup that appears (Admin rights/access).

To (re)enable AutoBoot so the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro (re)boots on lid open, type the following at the Terminal (the number is zero, three);
  • sudo nvram AutoBoot=%03
Press Return/Enter to complete. Optionally confirmation may be required in the Account Access/User popup that appears (Admin rights/access).