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Blackberry Hub doesn't comply with Googles secure browser policy

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Blackberry Hub gmail error

When using Blackberry Hub to manage Gmail emails the following error may occur when setting up an account;

Access blocked: authorisation error.

You can't sign in from this screen because this app doesn't comply with Google's secure browsers policy. If this app has a website, you can open a web browser and try signing in from there.

The error occurs intermittently, and depending on the device used, age not necessarily being a factor.

Instead of using the 'auto-setup' feature provided by Blackberry Hub;
  • Step #1: add the email address to be accessed in the initial Account setup screen and tap the Manual Setup prompt.
  • Step #2: set the Account type in the following screen; POP3, IMAP or Microsoft Exchange Activesync.
  • Step #3: for IMAP, in the 'setup' page that appears after tapping the IMAP prompt, add/edit the Incoming server settings to correspond to Googles defaults for Gmail as outlined here - "Gmail Email Settings: POP3, IMAP, and SMTP Servers". Crucially set the Security type to SSL/TLS (Accept all certificates).
  • Step #4: in Outgoing server settings set the Security type to SSL/TLS (Accept all certificates), or optionally to STARTTLS (Accept all certificates). Disable (clear the checkbox for) Require signin.
  • Step #5: set the Account options and press Next to complete setup.
If the account is still blocked make sure 'IMAP' is enabled in Gmail, and/or try swapping the Security type options between SSL/TLS and STARTTLS (with or without 'accept all certificates') for both incoming and outgoing mail.