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Can't Sign In to SoundCloud App (Not Responding)

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SoundCloud app on Android device opens (and can be closed/forced stopped) but does not respond to any User input when attempting to sign in. Action described here "I'm having trouble signing in through my Android device" do not work. So;

  • Tapping 'create account' or 'sign in' results in no activity (app does recognise if User is online/offline however).
  • Uninstalling and reinstalling the SoundCloud app does not solve the problem (uninstall/reinstall can be done without issue).
  • Clearing app cache in Settings > Apps > SoundCloud > Storage > Clear Cache similarly does not fix the problem.

A possible solution to SoundCloud app being unresponsive is to first log into an appropriate SoundCloud account using a web browser, Chrome, Brave, Edge etc., on the same device as the SoundCloud app and then (re)opening the SoundCloud app. Upon doing this the app may 'find' that account and attempt to automatically login with the credentials used during the web browser session, showing the 'Home' page as confirmation. Or alternatively the 'sign in' prompt may then become functional.