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Seiko 5 Field Sports Counterfeit/Fake

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Ever wondered what's inside a 'replica' Seiko 5 Sport's (Field Sports) watch from China? As it happens, not a lot.

First things first, how do you tell the difference between counterfeit Seiko 5 Fields Sports and the real thing.

Notwithstanding the price difference - $20 versus $200+ (assuming the buyer hasn't been truly conned, Ed.) - it's immediately apparent by the fit and finish, the initial tell being the sharp edges around the casing, barely polished out flashing from what is a stamped part. The dial of the fake has flat printed numbers whereas, depending on the model, they should stand slightly proud of the surface, so too will the branding and logo.

The back, while it might be stainless steel as is the true Seiko, the wrench grommets on the fake are poorly defined. Taking this off however, is where the lack of magic truly sucks all the light from the room, its little more than a collection of thin plastic parts and small circuit board with a battery - the one of two metal parts are primarily springs and retention brackets.

The dial facia is stepped, the minute marker being a band glued in place with crazy glue. The date and day wheels are thin printed plastic. Taken as a whole it's remarkable something with so many critical parts are made from relatively fragile plastic - if the watch works it's likely to have a very short shelf life as a result.