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[IMVU] Shape Key/Morph Overview - Animating Faces

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Description: the above video (clipped live here - may include off-topic chat) is an overview of creating facial expressions for IMVU's avatars (facial animations).

Called 'morphs' generally, to create an avatar facial expression or animate the avatars face. Using the Shape Key Starter File (female or male) in Blender Shape Keys need to be used in the form of a set of sliders that 'store' the avatars faces in set positions relative to the key (manipulation cannot exceed stored values).

Using these keys and animation can be created using the Shape Key Editor where each Shape Key is listed (similar to bones of a skeleton) as a set of adjustable sliders. To make a 'pose', move the timeline slider to a particular Key Frame and adjust a Shape Key slider. A marker is dropped into the timeline representing that 'pose'. Repeat for the expression and duration of the animation.

Once made the sequence can be exported to FBX as normal with the exception of ensuring NLA Strips and Force Start/End Keying checkboxes are empty (disabled).