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Author Topic: Red Ninja - Make a simple Animated Character  (Read 2842 times)

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Red Ninja - Make a simple Animated Character
« on: January 26, 2017, 07:52:39 AM »

Red Ninja - Make a simple Animated Character [warning: image heavy]

Comprehensive written tutorial copiously illustrated with hundreds of images on making a simple animated character in Blender (Blender 2.78 used). From shaping the default Scene Cube using a number of core techniques and tools (chapter 1); adding Materials, UV unwrapping and baking textures used to 'colour' the mesh (chapter 2); to preparing and rigging the resulting mesh with an Armature and Inverse Kinematics (chapter 3); on to finally creating a simple 'walk' cycle animation by manipulating the rig (chapter 4).

Source file available | PDF/ePub/Mobi | Extended Source file | Available from Amazon

#b3d #blenderbeginner


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