Author Topic: Charlie Hebdo, terrorism and freedom of speech  (Read 5259 times)

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Charlie Hebdo, terrorism and freedom of speech
« on: January 14, 2015, 11:38:49 PM »
Post the Charlie Hebdo attack, the "Snoopers Charter" is being mooted again in the UK; the USA is talking about reintroducing CISPA (already in the works as a result of the Sony Hack, but the events in Paris have handed Legislators more impetus); with various Governments the World over thinking up new (and reintroducing/bolstering old) ways to actively monitor citizens communications 24/7 absent normal due process. In effect these measures flip selective enforcement on its head and would put the entire globe into a perpetual state of war - which can be argued as the only legitimate reason broad-sweeping monitoring might be justified - where the mere threat of a possibility justifies anything and everything. And it still won't keep anyone safe.


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