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Author Topic: [Radiant] Caulk Hull basics  (Read 6394 times)

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[Radiant] Caulk Hull basics
« on: February 14, 2016, 10:31:16 PM »

The basics of Caulk Hulls (in Radiant)

Caulk Hulls area a useful tool to optimise a compiled level because they help reduce the amount of data generated when the *.map is parsed. Essentially comprising two parts the visible elements of a level the player can see are surrounded by a 'hull' that both encase the structure and seal it from the void (else the level would leak). To create a Caulk Hull simply draw out a series a form-fitting brush volumes, textured in "caulk", around everything and then 'flag' the internals as "Detail" volumes ("Ctrl+M"). Once done (and assuming the level is fully sealed per design requirements) the map can be compiled and used.


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