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[Blender] reliable basic ASE import
« on: January 15, 2016, 11:06:08 AM »

Reliable basic ASE import for Blender

Due to the number of ways ASE models can be created it can be tricky to get them into Blender 3D, especially those produced by converting brush volumes put together in GtkRadiant. A reliable way to do this (notwithstanding any mesh errors) is to first convert the model using the "convert" BSP compile switch with "ase" set as the output. In Q3Map2Toolz this means checking "convert" in BSP settings and typing "ase" into the associated input box.

In Blender 2.49 open the "Text Editor" and load the python script in ("Text Open") then "Alt+P" to run (or "Text Run Python Script"). Browse to and select the ASE (unless moved, will be located in "maps") then click "Import...". Blender will parse the file,  loading it into the Scene. Save the file as normal. Open the second version of Blender (of choice) and then simple load the now available *.blend file using "File Open".

Notes: depending on the construction approach used to build the 'brush model', the resulting ASE will likely comprise a number of separate Objects (one per planar surface) that do not have any Material, Image or UV assignments and will need to be recreated/reassigned as needed. For final export separate Objects can be combined to form a single unified mesh, or left as separate sub-meshes depending on requirements.

Required Tools
- Radiant/GktRadiant [download] [alt]
- Q3Map2Toolz [download]
- Blender 2.49* [download]
- GoofosASE [download]
- Blender* (latest) [download]

* Both versions of Blender can be installed so long as they are each assigned a unique directory location (so one doesn't over-write the other).


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