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Author Topic: [Radiant] Rotating models  (Read 4000 times)

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[Radiant] Rotating models
« on: December 15, 2015, 10:30:37 PM »

Rotating models in GtkRadiant

Models can be rotated in one of two ways in Radiant using; 1) the default "angle" presets (or manually provided key/value pair) or 2) optionally with the "angles" (availability is dependent upon the version of Radiant and map compiler being used).

Simply select an object and click one of the available 'angle' buttons in the Entity Inspector ("N") or manually type "angle" as a 'key' and a single number as the rotational 'value' - e.g. "angle/32". Similarly to rotate in arbitrary orientations type "angles" as the 'key' and three numbers per axis for the 'value' entry - e.g. "angles/0 25 60".

Note: rotational values are valid from "0" through to "360" and rotate clockwise. To rotate anti-clockwise use the "-" prefix per number, i.e. "-32". Note also, models can only be rotated 'either/or', it's not possible to use both key/value properties at the same time as their respective functions will over-ride one-another.


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