Author Topic: KatsBits Tutorials is now just KatsBits on YouTube  (Read 8931 times)

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KatsBits Tutorials is now just KatsBits on YouTube
« on: November 28, 2015, 04:29:36 PM »

Back in the day KatsBits used to be called Quake3Bits. When a YouTube channel was set up to accompany the then site it too was called "Quake3Bits', which also became part of the channels URL, or 'user' - http(s):// Later when everything grew into "KatsBits" this presented a bit of an issue because, although the channels 'name' could be changed (to "KatsBits Tutorial"), the underlying URL could not (once certain aspects of a Google account are registered, they cannot be changed). To fix this "KatsBits" (http(s):// was created as a separate channel.

The new channel has been live for a while but being a recent creation (relatively) had little content so some time has been taken to add that (without duplicating content, which causes issues for monetisation, ContentID and so on). Now with some 30 videos (and more to come from this point on), it's time to make the switch proper. So... if you are already a subscriber to "KatsBits Tutorials" keep sub'd to ask question and get support for existing videos - that will still be on-going. For new content subscribe to "KatsBits" to be kept up to date.


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