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Author Topic: Social Platforms making it difficult to prosecute Terrorists  (Read 4714 times)

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There's a lot going on lately.

First there's the "TPP": Trans-Pacific Partnership - "When the Senate voted on fast-track, many Senators were unaware that they were voting to authorize the President to form a new transnational governance structure. The Trans-Pacific Partnership resembles a treaty more than a trade deal. And like a treaty, it confers the power to both compel and restrict changes to U.S. policy, to commit the U.S. to new international obligations, and to cede sovereign authority to a foreign body."

Then there's the "TAA", H.R.1314 - Trade Act of 2015

The "TTIP": Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership - "The entire purpose of fast-track is for Congress to surrender its power to the Executive for six years. Legislative concessions include: control over the content of legislation, the power to fully consider that legislation on the floor, the power to keep debate open until Senate cloture is invoked, and the constitutional requirement that treaties receive a two-thirds vote. Legislation cannot even be amended."

Then Twitter and other Social Media and Online services (apparently) declining (refusing?), or making it difficult for Authorities to prosecute terrorism outlets online (DailyMail); an odd possibility given how keen and willing those very same online Media companies are to 'punish' "harassment" and "abuse" across their services (as tangentially evidenced in relation to Gamergate): "A Question of Trust Ė Report of the Investigatory Powers Review" (Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation).

And finally the UK PM saying:
"For too long, we have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens: as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone. Itís often meant we have stood neutral between different values. And thatís helped foster a narrative of extremism and grievance.

This government will conclusively turn the page on this failed approach. As the party of one nation, we will govern as one nation, and bring our country together. That means actively promoting certain values.

Freedom of speech. Freedom of worship. Democracy. The rule of law. Equal rights regardless of race, gender or sexuality.

We must say to our citizens: this is what defines us as a society. To belong here is to believe in these things. And it means confronting head-on the poisonous Islamist extremist ideology. Whether they are violent in their means or not, we must make it impossible for the extremists to succeed
As laid out to the National Security Council (and the "Queen's Speech"). (What the BBC thinks.)


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