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Author Topic: MAX_SURFACE_INFO  (Read 3369 times)

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« on: June 26, 2015, 04:17:36 AM »
MAX_SURFACE_INFO is specific to Quake 3 engined games and tends to crop up more often when using the original version of Q3Map rather than ydnars updated Q3Map2 (the original Q3Map has lower limits and a lower tolerance for errors than Q3Map2 so will throw up problems more frequently), the former (Q3Map) usually being included in 'official' tools sets based on QeRadiant and not GtkRadiant.

The MAX_SURFACE_INFO error itself happens because the compiler is reading (parsing) too many shaders (surfaces) when it gathers data for the compilation of a map. Because there is a limit to the number of allowed shaders - somewhere in the region of 3000+ - if the compiling process goes over that it errors out with the above message.

Remove any custom shaders you may have installed, either by directly extracting them to the 'scripts' folder or by their presence in various custom PK3 files. Essentially your editing environment should be as close to the original state it was in when the editor was first installed.

If you don't want to remove any PK3 files then download and use the latest version of Q3Map2.


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