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Author Topic: Compiling with -Patchshadows  (Read 5662 times)

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Compiling with -Patchshadows
« on: June 26, 2015, 03:49:27 AM »
Can someone explain me how to compile with -patchshadows on? Where and how do I execute / add this option? [BNA]

Assuming you don't want to go for a full out "let's go into DOS and compile the thing", then I suggest you either create a new bsp menu option, or modify the existing ones. This can be done using the project settings on the file menu. However, if i remember correctly, there is a line limit in the edit box, which truncates even the default ones, so you might have to open the project file up in notepad or something similar, and just add a new line there. If you study some of the existing ones, you are sure to understand the format. [djbob]

additional note: I had to add the -patchshadows option manually in Q3Radiant because of that line limit, but in GTK 1.1.1 using the built in editor seems to work just fine. [pjw]


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