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Author Topic: Over bright (full bright) map  (Read 5718 times)

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Over bright (full bright) map
« on: June 25, 2015, 11:47:07 PM »
Ok, EVERY level i make in Q3Radiant, after i compile it is blindingly bright (OverBright), its down right annoying, and i cant change it, i don't remember what option i changed, but i have re installed radiant 3 times and even tho i put no lights in my level the world is bright as hell. (only my gun is dark, the way it should be) SOMEONE PLEASE HELP, i would like to get back to making my creations once again. [anon.]

There is a known bug that happens when your map is very small. Making it bigger will definitely help. You can also load your map in debug mode (console type "/devmap mapname"), then when your map loads, type "/give all". Then switch to the BFG and magically the lighting pops in. [anon.]


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