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Author Topic: Excessively long compile times  (Read 5598 times)

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Excessively long compile times
« on: June 25, 2015, 11:36:31 PM »
I don't get an error exactly, vis gets to the 4... in the last count, then it stops, i check task manager and the process shows the "System idle process" at %99 and q3map at 0.

I thought maybe this was normal so i let q3map keep running, for 2 days, 40 hours to be exact, during that time the process stayed at 0 and the memory usage did not fluctuate although task manager reported it as running.

-fast vis works, its only when i try full vis that it doesn't, the only errors i get are about 50 duplicate planes, (which the manual says is only a problem for .aas, yes i know amazing, someone who actually checks the manual first) anyone have any ideas?

Edit: Scratch that, got it worked out, let this be a lesson to other newbi's, USE DETAIL BRUSHES!!!

additional note : I'll try to sum it up in a few sentences if I can Mortal.... Select ALL the brushes in your map that DON'T touch the void and AREN'T part of walls, ceilings and floors (these brushes usually touch the void). When you have everything selected, hit Ctrl+M (make detail). Once a brush has been converted to detail, it won't be considered during the vis stage.

Right now, it seems that every brush in your map is considered during the vis stage...which has a max visdatasize of 2 MB. Convert everything I mentioned to detail and your map will compile the vis stage in a few seconds. [GONNAKILLYA!]


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