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Author Topic: ****ERROR*** [insert error message here]  (Read 3018 times)

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****ERROR*** [insert error message here]
« on: June 25, 2015, 11:28:11 PM »
The q3map2 compiler works on this error fine.
If you're using too much drag edges then you get this error. This is one of my worst nightmares.

Code: [Select]
****ERROR*** [insert error message here]
I hate this error so much. [reptile]

You'll probably find you've got some corrupted brushes somewhere if that's the reason you think he error is happening. I take it you've used BobToolz to clean up the brushwork?? If you're still getting errors then you may need to go thru the map and check the brushwork you're been dragging about and manually fix any bad brushes.


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