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Author Topic: wglmakecurrent: Deleting Config (*.cfg) files  (Read 5944 times)

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wglmakecurrent: Deleting Config (*.cfg) files
« on: June 25, 2015, 05:08:10 PM »
If none of the other methods of fixing Radiants wglMakeCurrent error work - [1], [2] and/or [3] - try the following;
  • Close Quake 4 Radiant if it's open
  • Go to Quake 4's root installation directory; usually similar to [drive://directory]/Quake 4/ (where "[drive://directory]" is the hard drive and folder the game has been installed to)
  • Find "q4base" and open that folder
  • Find "editor.cfg" and "Quake4Config.cfg" and either delete or rename the files
  • Restart Quake 4
Doing this forces Quake 4 to properly update the configuration files (*.cfg) it uses in relation to various 'user' settings and data. On restarting the editor it should now work correctly.


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