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Author Topic: Unable to find default tag file [path]/shadertags.xml. No tag support  (Read 6606 times)

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GtkRadiant 1.5 has a common problem that's thankfully relatively easy to fix. On starting up the editor a quick look at the console will reveal the following error message in red letters;

Code: [Select]
Unable to find default tag file [drive://directory/path]/shadertags.xml. No tag support
Assuming the error isn't popping up as part of the wglMakeCurrent error, do the following;
  • Go to the"Plugins" menu
  • And select "ShaderPlug Create tag file"
This will create the missing shadertag.xml file in your 'user' folder (C://Users/ for Windows Vista) and tell you to reboot. On doing so the error message will now be gone.


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