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Author Topic: [Radiant] Make a Brush-based Arch  (Read 5324 times)

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[Radiant] Make a Brush-based Arch
« on: August 07, 2014, 10:39:08 PM »

Patch meshes are usually the way to go with curve and other rounded structures but can be problematic to use in certain circumstances because they can't be cut and chipped like brush volumes, and can potentially cause performance issues when used too extensively.

When structural curves are needed a better option is to use brush volumes. The video above shows the basic process in GtkRadiant (set up and textured for RtCW but equally applicable to any game editable using the tool).

Note that brushwork does not necessarily need to be retentively optimised in-editor because it's often the case that compiling the level will do that (certainly where Q3Map2 is used), collapsing and removing unnecessary triangles (should optimisation be performed manually cutting brushes so they terminate at a corner instead of being parallel aligned as shown, the compile process may still rework triangle alignments and orientations based on what it perceives as a 'best fit' to reduce overall triangle-count).


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