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Author Topic: KatsBits Website tweaks  (Read 2400 times)

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KatsBits Website tweaks
« on: June 12, 2014, 11:08:04 PM »
Over the past few months various untrained monkeys have been throwing CSS code around with the aim of making KatsBits better for visitors to access and use. Although not a fully responsive (a.k.a, not a WordPress site), it should prove a much better experience to view the site and read articles and tutorials using Tablet and mobile phone devices. Obviously given the super-vast array of possibilities not all are going to be compatible but the monkey's did their best to at least cover their butts. Note there are some known page speed and layout issues due to using third-party content (advert and disqus comment display). There are also a few other things to do but getting the change active and in place takes precedence.

[EDIT] forgot to mention... the "How much to charge for freelance work" and "How to find Freelance work" articles have been updated in addition to a brand new one one on "Game Design School, is it worth it".

P.S. although the site appears to have been relatively quiet for a while there is a lot going on behind the scenes (some of which does not involve monkey's and chasing) :)

Playbook, normal portrait (left) & Reader mode (right).

Ipod Touch4G: normal portrait (left) & reader mode (right).


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