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Author Topic: Surface Tablet & limited internet connection  (Read 19206 times)

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Surface Tablet & limited internet connection
« on: October 18, 2013, 03:48:17 PM »

Microsoft's Surface Table (Windows RT) appears to have persistent issues connecting to the Internet resulting in either "Limited Internet Connectivity" errors, or there being a full connection (there are no errors or warnings) but the speed and throughput is severely reduced. This may happen on WiFi networks that do not otherwise exhibit problems themselves nor do any other connecting devices. Microsoft recommend connecting to the Internet to install the latest updates (the irony).

The problem may be related to accessing hidden networks, i.e. networks that do not broadcast any "SSID" information. This might mean that although a connection can be made manually, because no general broadcast information is available the connection appears to self-limit despite showing full connection.

Where network or router management is available, try temporarily enable SSID broadcasting to see if that clears the general connection issues. If it does, download the latest Windows RT or Device Hardware Firmware updates (which are reported to fix the problem) before disabling SSID broadcast.

Alternative solution
If the above does not work, it may be possible to network the device to another computer using a USB/LAN converter, then setting up a shared LAN connection.


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