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Blender and 'game' development, going forward...
« on: September 12, 2013, 08:22:24 AM »

For those that don't know Valve Software recently expressed a wish for there to be a closer tie between Blender and Source. The first step towards doing this was to allow Steam Community members the ability to 'donate' towards Blender via supported Workshops (Team Fortress 2 Workshop for example). The next step is to distribute Blender itself, possibly including tools specific to Source content production over Steam Network. Some clarification needs to be worked out for the latter to happen, but there are moves in the general direction of getting Blender on to Steam.

Subsequent to all this, or rather, whilst that has been going on, active discussion has been had concerning Blenders adoption of more game development friendly tools and this is where we all come in to play. All things being equal, the way Blender Foundation/Institutes works, they won't implement features unless there is a general call or demand for them (yes not ideal, and discussed here ad infinitum so lets just agree to keep this on topic for now;) ). With this in mind a Google Docs document has been created (by another Blenderhead) listing a number of core features the game community needs/would like for Blender to be a 'better' tool for content creators. Unless you as an individual, put your name to a feature (or add something missing, like MD5 I/O support for example *cough*), nothing will get done. So... click this link and read through, contribute and/or attach your name to a feature and show your support to see this happen. Do note however, the document is not a 'wish list', it's specifically to inform Blenders developers of the core requirements and tools game developers need to have in place to make Blender more production friendly for game developers.

If you don't want to contribute etc.. you can still read discussion about this here on KatsBits - "KatsBits no longer BFCT (where do 'we' go from here?)", or on PolyCount - "Blender trying hard to compete".

Additional Resources
- Blender Foundation Steam profile
- KatsBits Steam profile
- Google Doc features for game development
- Valve Workshop support

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Re: Blender and 'game' development, going forward...
« Reply #1 on: September 13, 2013, 12:04:39 PM »
What's been presented so far;
  • Improve Blender/FBX pipeline
  • Cage Baking
  • Anti-aliased texture bakes
  • Cavity Map baking
  • Ray Blockers
  • Bake by Material ID
  • Derivative Map baking
  • Normal map 'swizzle' properties
  • Normal Map invert channel option
  • FPS Navigation
  • Edit/export vertex normals
  • HIVE system
  • Vertex-alpha support
  • Incremental snapping
  • Improvements to GLSL viewport rendering
  • OBJ/FBX export native to C++
  • Reorder Object-space normals to match Tangent-space
  • Realtime shaders similar to Marmoset Toolbag
  • Improve viewport performance
  • Node-based texture creation
  • Improved Retopology tools
  • Improved functionality/streamlining
  • Realtime physically based rendering
  • Batch or multiple Map texture baking
  • Proxy meshes
  • Improved Object grouping
  • Matcaps as a general display mode
  • Group instances cannot use baked lighting
  • Multi-object UVW editing
  • Attribute transfer
  • OSL for baking
  • Default UVW (map/channel) on primitives
  • (removed)
  • More/better Scene organisation
  • Better Array Modifier
  • Better Bend Modifier
  • Sculpting layers
  • Automatic saving and loading of textures
  • Edit Mode Modifier
  • Animation layers - add secondary motion
  • LWO export/import
  • MD5 export/import
  • Better generated UVW maps
  • Better Cubemap rendering/editing
  • PSD support
  • Catmull-Clark creasing
  • Ability to edit Primitives Object properties
  • Robust Scattering tools
  • VScript emulator
  • Texture-paint compositing/layers
  • Alternative Tangent bases
  • Deferred shading/lighting
  • Ngon support for Booleans
  • Modifiers that pass down to Child objects
  • Join UVW maps by name/ID
  • Vertex paint 'Paintbox'
  • Action libraries
  • Unlock preview framerate
  • Store references to datablocks in custom properties
  • Image plug-in (C based)
  • Cycles UVW/texture baking

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Re: Blender and 'game' development, going forward...
« Reply #2 on: September 16, 2013, 10:54:35 AM »
Additional items
 63. Update Ogre3D import/export pipeline
 64. Render particles as exportable objects


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